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Foreclosure, Replevin and Lien Litigation
As a full service collection law firm, and to support the firm’s Collections Litigation Practice Groups,   Kramer & Frank’s Foreclosure, Replevin and Construction Lien Group represents creditors to enforce security interests and other liens on real and/or personal property, as well as liens in the construction industry. 


Kramer & Frank’s Replevin attorneys represent creditors with security interests in personal property collateral, including vehicles and any other personal property pledged as collateral.  We handle replevins in Missouri, Kansas and Southern Illinois.  In situations where a debtor will not surrender the collateral to the secured creditor’s repossession agents, it is necessary to file a “replevin” lawsuit to obtain a pre-judgment court order for immediate possession of the collateral.  The Group represents creditors in routine consumer loans as well as commercial lenders in more complicated commercial collateral disputes.  It is common for the replevin action to result in a settlement or loan workout for the creditor, and our attorneys are experienced in handling both consumer and commercial loan work-outs.
The firm offers hourly, flat fee and/or blended fee arrangements for replevin actions, depending on the circumstances of each case.

Real Estate Foreclosure

Kramer & Frank’s Foreclosure Group handles both consumer and commercial real estate foreclosures.  In consumer foreclosures, the attorneys review the claim for compliance with applicable consumer protection statutes and assist clients  in compliance.  They work closely with Kramer & Frank’s Bankruptcy Group when bankruptcy-related foreclosure issues arise.  The group also handles post-foreclosure evictions if necessary.  Kramer & Frank’s foreclosure attorneys will also advise clients on real estate issues and assist in loan work-outs involving real estate.

The Foreclosure Group handles both non-judicial and judicial foreclosures in Missouri, Kansas and Southern Illinois, including providing defense for creditors holding junior liens in judicial and non-judicial foreclosures.

Kramer & Frank offers hourly, flat fee and/or blended fee arrangements for its foreclosure services depending upon the needs of the client.

Construction Liens and Litigation

Kramer & Frank represents contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and design professionals in resolving collection and other disputes in the construction industry.  We handle actions on mechanic’s liens and bond claims.  Our experience includes pursuing such cases in a variety of contexts, from simple residential construction to complex commercial projects.  We resolve these claims through litigation, private mediation and arbitration. We take a result-oriented, practical approach to protect our clients' rights and maximize their recovery as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Kramer & Frank’s Construction litigators practice in Missouri and Illinois.  The firm offers a variety of fee structures including, in some circumstances, contingent fees arrangements.  These benefit clients with smaller disputes where hourly fees are not practical.  
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