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Collection Litigation
Collections Overview
Kramer & Frank is a major force in the collections industry.  Founded in 1975, it continues to be a leading innovator in the development and use of technology to increase the efficiency of its collection practice.  This, in turn, provides more cost-effective and expeditious results for its clients.

Unlike many firms, Kramer & Frank not only obtains judgments, but also enforces and collects them.  In fact, other law firms often refer the judgments they secure to Kramer & Frank for collection.  Kramer & Frank recognizes that, until it is enforced, a judgment is just a piece of paper that a judge has signed.  

Simply stated, Kramer & Frank does more for its clients, and does it better.  Kramer & Frank’s many awards and recognitions reflect this.  It has received dozens of awards from client and industry groups, often several years in a row.  For example, to name just a few, Kramer & Frank has won:
  • GE Money Bank’s Partnership Award
  • Midland Credit Management, Incorporated's Gold Consistency Awards
  • Excellence Awards from the St. Louis Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • Encore’s Midas Touch Awards for Awareness, Responsiveness and Organization
  • Great Seneca Financial Corporation's Gross Collection Percentage Awards
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