Kramer & Frank
Kramer & Frank is a litigation and trial practice law firm that focuses on commercial, collection and fiduciary disputes and litigation.  We handle general and complex cases before state and federal trial and appellate courts.  We represent clients in arbitrations, mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.  We are not a general practice law firm; we specialize in litigation, trials and dispute resolution.

While many law firms claim to do the same, they too often do so with blinders on.  They merely process one client's case following the routine they use for virtually all other clients.  Unlike Kramer & Frank, other firms too often fail to consider the key issue: whether their clients' interests in each dispute would be served better by a more thoughtful, more conciliatory, or more aggressive, approach.

Kramer & Frank believes that its clients deserve more.  We focus on our clients' interest in timely, practical, and innovative resolutions of their disputes.  The firm believes that our clients are best served when they pay reasonable fees.  Attorney's fees should not be a primary financial driver in the resolution of a dispute.  Kramer & Frank's clients do not pay for premium office space, marble conference tables and original artwork.  They pay for our diligent efforts to achieve a timely and favorable result. 
Office Locations
Saint Louis Headquarters
9300 Dielman Ind. Dr. Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63132
Phone: (314) 991-1177
Fax: (314) 991-0485

Kansas City Office
1125 Grand Blvd. Suite 600
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: (816) 471-0030
Fax: (816) 472-0963
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